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Monday, October 17, 2011

Google Panda Survival Guide

Recently Google updated its ranking algorithm which is known as the Google Panda Farmer update to provide the accurate and original content website on the top of the search engine results. This update is making conditions more difficult for many webmasters and blogger who preferred copy content from the other websites. What is that algorithm update?
What is Google Panda?
Google Panda Farmer update is the algorithm changes in Google ranking system to provide the authority content, original content on the top of the SERPs by dropping duplicate content website and website who have low quality links from the link farms. In the late February 2011 Google launched this for the United States websites only, after 1and half month Google launched this for all English languages websites. Google continuously running this Google Panda algorithm and here we have some of these records.
1. 24 Feb 2011 (USA-only)
2. 11 April 2011 (all English language results)
3. 10 May 2011
4. 16 June 2011
5. 23 July 2011
6. 12 August (Last update Till Now)

Which Websites are affected by Google Panda Update? 
Google Panda is launched to clean up the search results by dropping rank of websites with the duplicate content, which have duplicate/rewritten content and have low quality websites. We have a very big list of these websites like wisegeek, hubpages, Forbes, and Ezine Article. Click here to download the complete list.
How to recover from Google Panda farmer Update? 
There are no specific guidelines which can help you to recover from the Google Panda update, here we are going to discuss some tips which can help many people to avoid the Google Panda and to recover from this update.
  • Identify the list all keywords which are penalized by the Google panda update and remove them from the website. 
  • Find out the landing pages which got the highest traffic drop, you can find these pages into the Google Analytic. 
  • Once you find the pages and keywords which have dropped the most, try to analyze the content and change the website content and keywords and this should be completely fresh content. 
  • Delete the low quality pages and try to redirect them to respective pages. 
  • After the Google Panda update website navigation and site structure is important so try to optimize the website architecture.
  • If you have ads on your web pages try to minimize them. • Create a 404 custom page for the all not found pages into your website. 
  • Try to reduce the website loading time which is also a very important factor into the website ranking.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Why you should use Google Plus?

There are many ways through people describe Facebook as best social networking website in the whole world. It is not only the number one website in the race of social networking websites but very popular websites for socials networking and now a day’s people are using Facebook for marketing purpose. Facebook is launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and according to the recent survey in July 2011 Facebook has more than 700 million active users. Google the world’s best search engine has just come out with Google+ to those who are looking for an alternative of Facebook. Google+ is at the experimental stage right now but has many features which are missing into the Facebook.
Google is very big organization involved into the many business activates, for all internet surfers they have a best search engine that provide the entire information search by the users. Google is also known for its largest advertising business from where they making their money. This time Google unveiled the Google+ with great features to attract more customers on a brand new social networking website. There are many exciting features into the Google+ like Circle, Hangout, Sparks and mobile, this allows one to chose any specific people or circle to share some information. In that we can create groups according to our need and can share specific information with specific groups like there is some information which we can’t share with the parents but we can share with friends. Here we are going to discuss some more points which indicate that it’s time pick a new social platform.

1.       Google+ is the latest social platform by Google to take a chunk of space in social networking platform which is currently dominated by the Facebook.
2.       Facebook has more than 750 million active users where as Google+ is the world’s fastest growing social network.  Google CEO Larry Page asserted, Google + now has more than 10 million users on 14 July.
3.       Google+ has some more attractive and innovative features Like Circle, Sparks, Handout and Mobile which are not present in the Facebook.
4.       We can upload photos very quickly in Google+ which is a time consuming process in Facebook.
5.       Now it’s depending on the future that Google+ can beat Facebook but according to the recent reports Google+ is rocking everywhere.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is the difference between SEO and SEO2.0

We all heard about the web 2.0 which is an information sharing and interoperability technique. Recently a new term is introduced in SEO which is SEO 2.0.
What is SEO 2.0?
SEO 2.0 is new and advance SEO technique that lends the creation of new and fresh content that attract people in and causes then to interact with your website or business. This advance strategy includes getting the first page of SERPs by distributing related targeted content on the various web 2.0 properties. Example includes video result, new feeds, social presence, Google, places, Google image search and other places. Instead of going out for traditional techniques like link building, buying links and exchanging links, we can also gain links naturally from gaining readership from blogging, commenting on others blog and forums, social properties and by creating link bait.

Difference between SEO and SEO 2.0 – There is not very big difference in both the terms but this an upgrade in old technique.

SEO 2.0
1. Link building, manual adding them, link exchange with other sites, buying link, submitting website in directories.
1. Getting links by distributing content on the web. Like Blogging, Link Bait, Socializing and Link wheel by using web2.0 properties. 
2. On –Page optimization done for spiders. Example repetitive titles, mess of keywords and writing heading twice in a webpage.
2. On-Page optimization for users. Example writing attractive Title and Description.
3. Link Building
3. Link Baiting
4. Hiding: we are not doing any SEO, we can’t show our client list publically, like it’s a crime
4. Being Open: we are proud to be work with our precious clients.
5. Traffic Source: Web browser, Directories,  Search Bar,
5. Traffic Source: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Google Images, Product Search
6. Result Measures in: Page Views, Visitors, Clicks
6. Result Measures in: ROI, Branding Conversion
7. One way communication
7. Two way communication,  dialog

Friday, December 10, 2010

Search Engine Optimization - How to Improve Your Website Ranking

SEO Tips
Today is the world of internet technology, every one want to grow in search engines ranking. For that they try a lot but can't get success. There are many SEO techniques to improve ranking in SERP's. Search Engine Optimization is the most important part to optimize a web site in search engine ranking. The search engines have set up some specific criteria which should be following by a website to get to the top position in search engine ranking. The criteria are different for each search engine. To get high ranking we have to follow Search Engine Optimization tips. Here are some tips for web site optimization.

1) Research the keywords. Decide that for what queries you want to rank in search engine. Spend some research on keywords. There are many tool provided by companies for keyword analysis. Google is also offering this service using Goggle Adword keyword tool.

2) Think Different - Do not focus on main keywords but focus on those keyword for them user is demanding. Try to targets most searchable keyword on the internet, but not so much because they take so much time to get ranking in SERPs.

3) Target user not Search Engine - Serve for user not for search engines, provide proper and appropriate information for user. Your content should be in proper manner according to user need.

4) The site pages should have title and description - If your web site pages have same title and description then you are misguiding to search engines and your website can be penalize by search engine for duplicate content. Use different title and description for each page in your web site.

5) Your site structure, navigation, URL structure should be simple - remember that thing search engine cannot parse your navigation if it's using flash or JavaScript in the web page. So try to use simple html when it comes to Navigation

6) Create a HTML and XML sitemap to show all pages - You will get about a 1% click through rate to your site map which is very good for website. The sitemap is very help full for user when is looking for particular information and search engine also like that map. XML sitemap is used by the search engine to get the idea about your website pages.

Monday, November 1, 2010

What is "Google Instant" - New Google Updates.

Google search results are now instant like an instant coffee. Google Instant is new search technique from Google. Google always concentrates on user experience and this new search technique is dedicated to its end users around the globe.

Why Google introduce this new search technique?
The key idea behind the invention of this search technique was that users type slowly, but read quickly. It is studied that users typically take 300 milliseconds between each keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds (a tenth of the time) to read another word on the same page. It means that users can scan the results at the same time while they type.
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Core features in Google Instant
1. Dynamic Results: In Google Instant, relevant search results are displayed dynamically as it shows results as you type. It offers you the quickest way to interact with desired search results. In this way, Google Instant can save 2-5 seconds per search.
2. Smarter Predictions: One of the key features in Google Instant is that it offers you smarter prediction than Google classic even when users don’t know exactly what they are looking for. As you type first character of your search term, Google Instant starts it’s magic and predict the rest of your query (in light gray text) before you finish typing.
Now, it’s your time to see what you need?
3. Scroll to search instead of type: Once you type your partial query then you don’t need to type whole search term, just scroll through predictions and see results instantly for each as you arrow down.

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Impact of Google Instant on SEO
It’s quite early to predict the implications of Google instant on SEO. But, here are some of the observations regarding Google Instant that might affect SEO in the future. There may be some increment in impressions because site will appear several times until users finish their search query. With Google Instant, impressions will be measured in three ways.

- As per the Google Classic, site is displayed in search results as a response to end users whenever they click on search button.
- Now according to the Google Instant, users start to type a term on Google and clicks on a link on the page.
- If user begins to type a search term and stops typing in between and if the search results are displayed for a minimum of 3 seconds. Then, it is measured as impression.

On the above discussion, it seems that the top three sites will get even more value than ever before as they will display most of the time. The impact of Google Instant on SEO and search performance will come as a result of changes in the user experience, not the ranking algorithm.
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